Eaton clients.
We now direct all our clients to the Bunbury clinic in Wittenoom Street.

Bunbury Clinic.
We operate a clinic in the Bunbury CBD in Wittenoom Street.

Nursing Homes.
We also visit nursing homes in Bunbury, Eaton, Harvey, Collie, Busselton & Margaret River.

A dietitian is an expert in food science and giving dietary advice about nutrition related medical conditions. A dietitian has completed two university degrees achieved over 4 years educating them in biochemistry, microbiology, epidemiology, human biology and human physiology.

Working with your GP.
Where appropriate Lana will liaise with a client's General Practitioner, Specialist, or other allied health practitioners to achieve best possible outcomes.
Expert advice
Give expert advice regarding dietary requirements for a diverse range of nutrition related diseases, conditions and issues.
Nutrition Facts.
Explain nutrition fact from fiction and help clients find their way through the maize of nutrition quackery which is so rife amongst media outlets in today's society.
Easy to talk to.
Translate scientific, evidence based information into practical advice and explain it in layman's terms..
Assess requirements.
Assess personal food and nutrition requirements and give practical advice on how to achieve improvements in nutritional and health status.
Practical advice.
Give practical advice on how to implement changes into day to day life. Discuss ideas for shopping, cooking and eating out.
Provide support.
Provide support and motivational skills to goal set and change lifestyle.
Lana Brandli.
Lana is a private practice dietitian, advising clients on a multiple of issues: